45.1 Introduction

1. The date of the invoice or credit memo is earlier than the date parameter entered for this process.

2. The invoice is completely paid or the credit memo is completely applied. In other words, the balance field on the invoice or credit memo screen is zero.

3. The invoice or credit memo is in a closed period.

4. There are no transactions referencing the invoice or credit memo. Invoices and credit memos are most commonly referenced by payment transactions. Run the process Maintenance, Delete Old, Payments and Receipts to delete old payment transactions. Payment transactions may be referenced by bank deposit transactions, so run the process Maintenance, Delete Old, Bank Deposits before attempting to delete payment transactions.

Deleting invoices and credit memos completely removes the records from the Accounts Receivable System. It is recommended that you run a report listing all invoices and credit memos before the date you intend to use for deletion. This process should be run with extreme caution.

Note: Once any records have been deleted from a closed period, that period cannot be reopened.