50.2 Field Descriptions

Bank Account

Enter the general ledger account to be used as the bank account for your deposit. This field has a validation screen associated with it that accesses the General Ledger master file. If you cannot remember which general ledger account to enter, do the following.

1. With the cursor in the Bank Account field press the VALID button (GOLD <F1> key and then press the V key). The General Ledger validation screen is displayed.

2. Press the QUERY <F2> button and then press the FIND NEXT <F3> button until the desired general ledger account is displayed.

3. Press the GOLD <F1> key and then press the E key to redisplay the Bank Deposit screen with the desired general ledger account entered into the Bank Account field.

Deposit Number

Enter a unique Deposit Number or identifier for the deposit. In most cases, pre-printed deposit slips are provided by your bank, which include a deposit number.

Deposit Date

Enter the date of the deposit to the bank.

Deposit Amount

Enter the full amount of the deposit. Entry here is similar to entering your daily deposits in your manual check register.

Cleared Bank

This field contains the date the deposit cleared the bank. If the field is blank, the deposit has not cleared the bank. See the section on Marking Cleared Deposits for more information.

Once the body of the Bank Deposit is entered and stored, the lower half of the screen appears as follows:


The entry here consists of the Cash Receipts numbers which make up this deposit. It is recommended that you print a hard copy of the cash receipts to obtain the Cash Receipt numbers. See the section on

Cash Receipt Reports.

Enter the cash receipt number and press the RETURN key. The amount of the receipt is displayed in the Amount field. Continue entering each of the individual cash receipts until the sum of the detail lines equals the Deposit Amount in the upper half of the screen.

Refresh the screen when completed and enter the next deposit.