53.2 Report Descriptions

Bank Deposits

The following parameter screen is displayed when this report is selected.


Enter the dates of the earliest and latest deposits you want listed on the report. If you want all deposits listed, leave these fields blank.

This report is a listing of bank deposits. Information listed for each deposit includes the following:

bank code

deposit number

date of deposit

date deposit cleared the bank

amount of the deposit

If a number of cash receipts make up the deposit, they are each listed by their individual codes and amounts.

The Bank Deposits report can be run from the Reports, Cash Receipts menu.


The next two reports display the following parameter screen.


Payment date is the date a cash receipt is received. Customer is the customer code. Cash Receipt is the individual cash receipt code. Each set of parameters allows you to enter a range of values. If you wish to include the full range (i.e. all customers) on the report just leave the fields blank. The screen below shows the entries made to print a report listing all payments made between 1/1/81 and 1/31/81.


Payments by Customer

This report lists the cash receipts selected by the above parameters. The receipts are grouped by customer. Information listed for each receipt includes the following:

receipt code

date the receipt was received

customer reference date

bank ID

check number


The total amount for each customer is also listed.

The Payments by Customer report can be run from the Reports, Cash Receipts menu.

Payments by Customer with detail

This report includes all the information that is on the Payments by Customer Report. It also lists the journal entries for each cash receipt amount.

The Payments by Customer with detail report can be run from the Reports, Cash Receipts menu.