55.2.2 Invoice and Credit Memo Screens

0100: cannot find product

The system cannot find the product entered here in the inventory product master file, product. It was attempting to calculate the cost of the product prior to posting the record.

0200: there are references to this record

There is a record in the system that references this invoice. Most likely a payment has been made towards this invoice. You must remove the payment record before you can delete this invoice. If you do not wish to remove the payment record, you may delete this invoice through the Delete Old Paid Invoices process once it has been fully paid and the period in which it was entered is closed.


####: error message

0300: cannot open [header | detail] file for


The system cannot open the file for the reason specified by the bopen error. The table below lists the files that must be opened.

Table 55 - 2

File Name

invoiced sales journal detail

glacct general ledger master

packd order entry packing list detail

packh order entry packing list header

price inventory prices master

product inventory master

Refer to the General Error Messages section for further information on the bopen message.


system error

0310: cannot set [header | detail] file field list for


The field list cannot be set for the file for the reason specified by system error. Refer to Table 55 - 2 above for the list of opened files.

0400: not valid

The account entered here must have been previously entered into the general ledger file.

0500: input required

Input to the tax rate field is required if a sales tax locality code has been entered.

0510: input required

Input to the sales tax locality code field is required if a sales tax rate has been entered.

0520: input required

Since there is a discount amount, you must enter a discount account.

0600: you may not delete a paid invoice

This invoice has been either paid or partially paid. Before you can delete it, you must delete the payment. If you do not want to delete the payment, you may remove the invoice from the system using the Delete Old Invoices process after the period in which the invoice was entered is closed.

0700: you must delete all detail items

Once you have deleted the header record, you must delete all the associated detail records.

0710: invoice not present

You must either FIND or ADD a header record before you can add a detail line item.

0800: cannot delete invoice trailer

The trailer is part of the header record. It can only be deleted by deleting the header record.

0810: cancel not allowed

You may not use the CANCEL function on this screen. If you have mistakenly updated some fields, just press the UPDATE button again to display the original values.