55.2.4 Customer Payments Screen

0100: Form screen name requires field name


Field field name is missing from the form screen name. The screen screen name cannot work properly without

field name.


error message

0200: cannot open [header | detail] file for


The system cannot open the file for the reason specified by the bopen error. The table below lists the files that must be opened.

Table 55 - 3

File Name

paymentd cash receipts detail

glacct general ledger master

customer customer master

invoicem sales journal header

Refer to the General Error Messages section for further information on the bopen message.


system error

0210: cannot set [header | detail] file field list for


The field list cannot be set for the file for the reason specified by system error. Refer to Table 55 - 3 above for the list of files used in this process.

0300: cannot open dictionary for invoice header file

This is not a user recoverable error, see your system administrator.

0310: No index in invoice header for customer date invoice

The secondary index for the sales journal header file invoicem, made up of the fields customer, date, and invoice has been removed. Make sure this index is in the defintion file for invoicem, and then convert the data file.

0400: cannot find customer in customer master file

The system cannot find the customer in the customer master file customer.

0410: cannot update customer master file

The system was unable to update the last payment fields in the customer master file. The detail records have been posted. The header record has not been posted or STOREd.

0500: Delete not allowed

You may not delete a payment from this screen. Payments may be deleted from the Cash Receipts screen.

0510: Update not allowed

Payments may be updated from the Cash Receipts screen.