55.3.2 Delete Old Bank Deposits

Usage: delrec [-d] deletedate journalcode

The Cash Receipts menu has been changed so that the command to delete old bank deposits is incorrect. See your system administrator.


error message

delrec0110: cannot open [header | detail] file for


The system cannot open the file for the reason specified by the bopen error. The table below lists the files this process must open.

Table 55 - 5

File Name

depositd cash receipt deposits detail

depositm cash receipt deposits header

Refer to the General Error Messages section for further information on the bopen message.


system error

delrec0120: cannot set [header | detail] file field list for

journal name

The field list cannot be set for the file for the reason specified by system error. Refer to Table 55 - 5 above for the list of files used in this process.


system error

delrec0130: cannot lock for insertions [header | detail] file for

journal name

The file is being used by another user. Wait a little while and then try again. If this message is displayed again, see your system administrator. Refer to Table 55 - 5 for the list of files locked by this process.

delrec0300: date

is not a valid deletion date

The date entered at the beginning of the process is not a valid date.