Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to the Accounting System

General Ledger Module

Chapter 2
Introduction to
the General Ledger System

Chapter 3
General Ledger Menu

Chapter 4
Enter General
Ledger Accounts

Chapter 5
General Ledger
Account Balances

Chapter 6
Journal Entries

Chapter 7
Enter Financial
Report Styles

Chapter 8
Balance Sheet Format Commands

Chapter 9
Delete Old General
Journal Entries

Chapter 10
Delete Old General
Ledger Balances

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Closing Menu

Chapter 13
General Ledger Posting Transactions

Chapter 14
Closing Processes

Chapter 15

Chapter 16
Accounting System Setup

Chapter 17
General Ledger Set Up

Chapter 18
Multiple Company Consolidation

Chapter 19
Error Messages

Accounts Payable Module

Chapter 20
Accounts Payable Introduction

Chapter 21
Accounts Payable Menu

Chapter 22
Vendor Data Entry

Chapter 23
Accounts Payable Vouchers

Chapter 24
Vendor Debit Memos

Chapter 25
Delete Old Paid Vouchers

Chapter 26
Accounts Payable Reports

Chapter 27
Cash Disbursements Menu

Chapter 28
Printing Checks

Chapter 29
Entering Manual Checks

Chapter 30
Payables Checks Data
Entry Screen

Chapter 31
Void Manual or
Computer Checks

Chapter 32
Cancel Check

Chapter 33
Bank Statement Reconciliation

Chapter 34
Delete Old Checks

Chapter 35
Cash Disbursement Reports

Chapter 36
Setting Up Accounts Payable

Chapter 37
Error Messages

Accounts Receivable Module

Chapter 38
Accounts Receivable Introduction

Chapter 39
Accounts Receivable Menu

Chapter 40

Chapter 41

Chapter 42
Customer Credit Memos

Chapter 43
Inventory Products

Chapter 44
Aged Accounts Inquiry

Chapter 45
Delete Old Paid Invoices

Chapter 46
Accounts Receivable Reports

Chapter 47
Cash Receipts Menu

Chapter 48
Customer Payments

Chapter 49
Cash Receipts

Chapter 50
Bank Deposits

Chapter 51
Delete Old Payments
and Receipts

Chapter 52
Delete Old Bank Deposits

Chapter 53
Cash Receipt Reports

Chapter 54
Setting Up Accounts Receivable

Chapter 55
Error Messages