4.3.4 Deleting a Fixed Asset

If it is determined that a fixed asset was entered to the file in error, the record can be removed from the file by using the delete process. The record can only be deleted if the Purchase Cost field is zero and there are no references to the asset.

To delete a record from the file, you must first QUERY the record and display the record on the asset information portion of the screen. When the record is displayed and the screen is still in FIND mode, press the DELETE button (<F1> key and then press the D key), to remove the record from the file.

If the depreciation method for the deleted asset was acrs or macrs, the second screen is displayed. The fields on the second screen will be empty because the record was removed from the asset information portion of the screen. From here you may either return to the asset information portion of the screen by pressing the NEXT button <F7> or, return to the menu by pressing the EXIT <F8> button.