7.1 Introduction

The depreciation screen below is accessed by selecting Depreciation Transactions from the Data Entry, Fixed Assets menu. This is a two part screen and is informational only. In other words, only the QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> functions will work. You cannot ADD, UPDATE or DELETE a record from this screen. The information displayed is produced by running the process Calculate Depreciation, which is also under the Data Entry, Fixed Assets menu. This screen is useful for verifying when the process Calculate Depreciation was last run.

The first part of this screen displays the transaction number, date, the asset code, and description. In addition, it discloses information about the accumulated depreciation of the asset, such as the ledger, account number, and the amount entered into the accumulated depreciation account. The first part of the screen is shown below:


The second form in this screen displays the depreciation expense information. This is the balancing entry to the accumulated depreciation account. This portion is similar to what was just described. The difference is it shows the depreciation expense ledger, expense account, and the amount last entered into the expense account. This field should balance with the accumulated depreciation account entry.

To display the second form, press the NEXT <F7> button. The screen is shown below with the second part of the form added.