8.1.1 Description

Direct purchases of assets are handled using an accounts payable voucher. Before a voucher can be entered for a newly purchased asset,the asset must be entered into the fixed asset master file. This is done by selecting Fixed Assets from the Select, Fixed Assets menu. At this time, an identification code is assigned to identify the asset, and the general ledger controlling account and depreciation account are specified. Refer to Chapter 4, Fixed Assets for details on adding a fixed asset.

Once the fixed asset has been entered into the fixed asset master file, a voucher can be entered for its purchase. Refer to the C/Books Accounts Payable Manual for instructions on entering a voucher. The detail line of the voucher is entered as follows. fa is entered into the Journal field. The unique user-generated fixed asset identification code(the code that was entered into the Asset field on the Fixed Asset screen) is entered into the Account/Job.Act/Product field. The purchase price is entered into the Amount field. An example follows.