11.1 Introduction

This process is used to free up disk space on your system by deleting old records that are no longer needed. Depreciation records are transactions that have been creted by the Calculate Depreciation process on the Data Entry, Fixed Asset menu. You are asked to enter a date, and then all the depreciation records that meet the following conditions are deleted:

fjpman20000000.gif The date of the depreciation record is earlier than the date parameter entered for this process.

fjpman20000000.gif The depreciation record is in a closed period.

fjpman20000000.gif There are no transactions referencing the depreciation record.

Depreciation records are not normally referenced by any other transactions, so it is not usually necessary to run any other deletion processes prior to removing depreciation transactions.

Deleting depreciation transactions completely removes the records from the Fixed Assets System. It is recommended that you maintain copies of your reports which list all depreciation transactions before the date you intend to use for deletion. This process should be run with extreme caution. Once any records have been deleted from a closed period that period cannot be reopened.