17.2 Activity Data Entry

To enter activities, you must access the second half of the Enter or Change Jobs screen. Pressing the NEXT <F7> button, makes the second half of the screen appear. Note that the second half of this data entry screen automatically appears when you store the upper portion of the screen. When you store the data on the Activity screen, the fields are cleared so that you may continue entering activities.


You may add as many activities as needed for the Job Id shown in the first part of the screen. Entering activities can be done in two ways. The first way is to have an Activity Id created for you by entering data in the Activity field and the Type field. If done in this manner, the Activity Id field is filled by pressing the RETURN key. The Activity Id is made up of the Job Id, the Activity, and the Type. The second way to create an Activity Id is to leave the Activity field and the Type field blank and manually enter an activity number in the Activity Id field. In any case, the actual Activity Id is in the field labeled Activity Id.

The following fields are included on this half of the screen.