17.4.2 Updating a Job

To update a job, first QUERY the desired job as described above. With the job displayed, put the screen in UPDATE mode by pressing the UPDATE <F4> button.


The following sections describe the changes that can be made to the fields on the jobs screen.

Job Id

It is impossible to update the Job Id field. If a mistake has been made during the set up procedure, the entire job should be deleted and new job created to replace it. You might consider copying the incorrect job to the correct job and then delete the incorrect job. This saves you from typing in the job a second time.


The description can be updated by simply typing in the new or updated description and storing the changes.

Date Closed

This is actually the first step in closing a job. With the screen in the UPDATE mode, the closing date of the job is entered. The STORE <F5> button is pressed to add the closing date to the record for this Job Id. See Chapter 21, Closing a Job for more detail on the job closing process. Caution should be taken when updating a job with an existing Date Closed. If you are changing the Date Closed from one accounting period to another, you must rerun the month end closing steps for both the period of the old closed date and the period of the new closed date. Consult the C/Books General Ledger Manual for additional guidelines on re-running month end closings.


Updates to this field can be done easily, since this field is only an identifier as to whom the project is being done for.

Work in Process Account

This field can be changed during the set up procedure only. This is due to the fact that all transactions charged to this Job Id now are identified with this account number.