19.1 Introduction

A feature you will find most helpful in setting up a new job is the process called Create Duplicate Job, which is run from the Select, Job Costing menu. What this process does is create a new job using existing data in the job master file. Using the example of the 20' pleasure boat for customer Smith, and with the possibility of building the same boat for another customer, we could simply create a new Job Id with this process. The process creates a whole new Job Id with the same job and activity data.

After creating a duplicate job, you need to change to the following fields on the Enter or Change Jobs screen.

fjpman20000000.gif Update the description of the job if needed.

fjpman20000000.gif Be sure the Date Closed field is blank.

fjpman20000000.gif Update the customer name.

fjpman20000000.gif Update the Work In Process Account number if needed.

Updates to the Enter or Change Activities screen might also be needed on the following fields.

fjpman20000000.gif Update the Expense Account if needed.

fjpman20000000.gif Update the Budgeted Figures if needed.