19.2 Example

Select Create Duplicate Job from the Select, Job Costing menu. The following parameter screen is displayed:


The information needed to run this process is entered on this screen in the same manner in which you enter data on a data entry form. You may move back and forth between fields. If you change your mind about running the process, you can cancel the process by pressing the CANCEL button <F1><x>. When you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5>. The screen below shows the data entered for our example:


We want to create a new job with a Job Id number of 8950. We want this new job to look a lot like the already existing job 8900. The last question on this screen asks if the budget amounts of the new job should be copied from the budget amounts of the old job.

When creating a new job, there are two options for determining the budget amounts of the new job: copy the budget amounts of the old job or, use the actual amounts of the old job as the budget amounts of the new job. You are asked two questions to determine which, if any, of the options are desired. Your first option, which is displayed on this screen, is to copy the budget amounts from the old job by answering the question with y or yes. If you answer this question with n or no, as we have in this example, the second option is displayed after the parameter screen is STOREd.


The second option, which is displayed above, is to copy the actual amounts of the old job to the budget amounts for the new job.

If we had answered yes to the last question on the parameter screen, the second option displayed above would not have appeared on the screen.

After the message copy complete is displayed, the creation of the new job 8950 is finished. If needed, you can use the entry screen Jobs and Activities, which is run from the Select, Job Costing menu, to make any further changes.