20.2 Example of Posting Job

To begin the process, select Post Jobs / Work in Process from the Select, Job Costing menu. Press RETURN and the following parameter screen is displayed:


The information needed to run this process is entered on this screen in the same manner in which you enter data on a data entry form. You may move back and forth between fields. If you change your mind about running the process, you can cancel it by pressing the CANCEL button <F1><x>. When you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5>. The screen below shows the data entered for our example.


In this example we are preparing to close period 8 in 1983. The process runs with no further parameters to enter:

Pulling job transactions

Posting job transactions. Do not Interrupt...

Posting Completed

This process produces transactions to the work in process account. These transactions can be seen on the report titled Job Cost Work in Process Journal. This report can be run from the Reports, Job Costing menu. The instructions for printing reports are covered in Chapter 24, Job Cost Reports.