23.1 Introduction

Caution should be exercised when running the Closed Jobs process from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu. The following conditions should exist before a job is deleted.

fjpman20000000.gif A closing date must be entered in the Date Closed field in the job record to indicate that the job is closed.

fjpman20000000.gif The costs from the job must have been removed from the work in process account back to the expenses accounts. In other words, the process Post Jobs / Work in Process must have been run from the Select, Job Costing menu after the closing date was entered into the job record.

fjpman20000000.gif None of the job's activities can be referenced anywhere in the system. This includes references to the job in the job cost journal, which are removed by running the process Job Cost Journal Entries from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu.

Once a job has been deleted it no longer shows up on any of the reports. Before you delete a job you should decide if you might want to duplicate this job at a later time. If so, do not delete it.