23.2 Example: Deleting Old Jobs

In this example, job 8900, our job to build a 20' Pleasure Boat for Smith is deleted. The job was closed 12/15/83. When Closed Jobs is selected from the Maintenance, Delete Old menu, the following parameter screen is displayed:


Enter the job number the way you enter data on a data entry form. Once you have entered a job number the rest of the information for the job is automatically displayed.


If you decide you do not want to delete the job, you may enter another job or, press the CANCEL button <F1><x> to cancel the process. When you are satisfied that the job you have entered is the job you want to delete, press the STORE button <F5>.

After the job is deleted the fields on the parameter screen are cleared. At this time you may either enter another job to be deleted or press the EXIT button <F8> to return to the system menu.