25.3 Setting Up Beginning Balances for Activities

While the practical day to day operation of the Job Costing System has been covered, the first step in actually starting the Job Costing System is to enter the beginning balances for your open jobs.

This requires the use of the General Ledger System and the General Journal Entries screen. This screen can be accessed through the Data Entry, General Ledger menu.


A general journal entry is required for each job activity balance. For specific instruction on entering general journal entries, see the C/Books General Ledger Manual.

The specific debit and credit entry for each general journal entry is entered as follows:

Debit each activity for the beginning balance units and amount.

Credit the work in process account for the total job balance.

The entry created is a debit to the expense account entered when you setup the activity and a credit to the work in process general ledger account.