26.3.3 Delete Old Closed Jobs

Usage: deljob jobfile activityfile

The Job Cost menu has been changed so the command to delete old closed jobs is incorrect. See your system administrator.

bopen####: error message

deljob0100: cannot open master file for file

The system cannot open the file file for the reason described by error message. Refer to bopen in the General Error Messages section.

deljob0110: system error message

deljob0110: cannot set master file field list for file

The field list for file cannot be set for the reason specified by system error message.

deljob0120: system error message

deljob0120: cannot lock master file for file

The system error message gives the reason why file cannot be locked.

deljob0210: TERM not set

The environmental variable TERM is not set. It can be set by the following command:


export TERM

deljob0220: invalid TERM parameter

The terminal named by the environment variable TERM is not defined in either the \cbase\lib\cbase\escape directory.

deljob0230: unable to establish dialog area

The process is not able to display the input parameter screen. See your system administrator.

deljob0300: system error message

The process is unable to access the dictionary file for the job activity file for the reason specified by system error message.

deljob0310: no index for job in activity file.

The field job has been removed as a secondary index for the job activity file. Make sure the job field is specified as a secondary index in the job activity definition file and then convert the job activity data file so that it correctly reflects the file definition.

deljob0400: GL expense record record key busy

Before a job is deleted, the process first deletes all the activities associated with the job. Each activity is tied to an General Ledger expense account. The links field in the expense account record must be decreased by one before the activity can be deleted. The expense account record is locked and cannot be updated at this time. Try running the process again.

deljob0510: Job does not exist.

The job entered is not in the job master file.

deljob0520: Job has not been closed.

The job entered is still open, so it cannot be deleted. A job is closed by entering a date in the Closed field on the Jobs data entry screen.

deljob0530: Activity activity has references to it.

There is at least one transaction in the system referencing activity. A job cannot be deleted as long as there are any transactions in the system referencing any of its activities.