26.3.4 Delete Old Job Cost Journal Entries

Usage: deljc deletedate journalcode

The Job Cost menu has been changed so the command to delete old job cost journal entries is incorrect. See your System Administrator.

bopen####: error message

deljc0100: cannot open [master | header | detail] file for file.

The system cannot open the file file for the reason described by error message. Refer to bopen in the General Error Messages section.

deljc0110: system error message

deljc0110: cannot set [master | header | detail] file field list for file.

The field list for file cannot be set for the reason specified by system error message.

deljc0120: system error message

deljc0120: cannot lock [master | header | detail] file for file.

The system error message gives the reason why file cannot be locked.

deljc0400: Cannot delete entries in an open period...try an earlier date.

The date entered is in an open period.