26.4 Accounting Files

Every file in the C/Books accounting system must be entered into the ledger file. Each file is categorized as either a ledger file, journalfile, or a system file. All these files can be entered into ledger from the System Set Up menu, using menu choices: Accounting System Ledgers, Accounting System Journals, or Accounting System Files. The table below lists the files accessed by the Job Cost System.

Table 26 - 3

Code Type Description Master Detail

dj journal Fixed Asset Depreciation deprecm deprecd

gc system General Ledger Closing Dates closedat

gj journal General Journal genjrnlm genjrnld

gl ledger General Ledger glacct

ia journal Inventory Adjustment intrxm intrxd

id system Inventory Job Cost Details indetail

jb ledger Job Cost job

jc ledger Job Cost Activities activity

jd system Job Cost jcdetail

ld system Payroll Labor Distribution labor

lg system System Ledger File ledger

pj journal Purchases Journal voucherm voucherd

pr journal Payroll payrollm payrolld

sm system System Masthead masthead

sp system System Security permit

wp journal Work in Process Journal jcjrnlm jcjrnld