29.3 Field Descriptions

The following sections describe each of the fields on the deduction master screen.


This field uniquely identifies the deduction within the record system. It is suggested that an abbreviation be used for the deduction (fica, futa, etc.). The field is 15 positions wide and holds either numeric characters, alphabetic characters or a combination of both.


Enter the full name of the deduction as it is to be printed on reports and checks in this field.


This field describes the type of the deduction:

Flag Deduction Type

f Fixed deduction

p Percentage deduction

pd Percentage with deduction limit

h Hourly deduction

ha Hourly deduction, deduct hours

t Table deduction

n Deduct from net pay


This is how often the deduction amount is to be applied, how often the deduction limit can be applied or what frequency the gross pay is assumed to be in the table deductions.

The frequency entered here must already be in in the Frequency file. A second screen is provided that accesses the Frequency file. If you cannot remember the frequency to enter here, press the VALID button (GOLD <F1> key and then the V key) to access the Frequency screen. From here QUERY and FIND the desired frequency. With the desired frequency displayed, press the GOLD <F1> key and then press the E key to redisplay the Standard Deduction screen with the desired frequency entered into the frequency field.


The Rate field gives the percentage to be used in percentage deductions or the number of hours to deduct for hourly deductions. All other deductions ignore this field.


The Amount field gives the dollar amount to be deducted. This field is used only when making fixed deduction calculations.


The Limit field gives an upper dollar limit for a deduction. Depending on the deduction flags, the limit can be on gross pay (as in fica), or it can be a limit on the accumulated amount deducted. This field is ignored by table deductions.


The Allowance field gives the amount to be subtracted from the gross pay before the rest of the deduction calculations are made. The allowance is multiplied by the #Deductions field from the Employee Master File.

Expense Ledger/Account

The Expense Ledger and Account fields give the default expense account to be used for the deduction. Deductions which are solely employee deductions do not need an expense account. Employer deductions must have an expense ledger and account entered here. Generally the expense account is a general ledger account (ledger = gl) such as payroll tax expense.

Accrued Ledger/Account

The Accrued Ledger and Account fields give the default account to be used to accrue the amounts deducted. Both employee and employer deductions must have an accrued account. Generally the accrued account is a general ledger account (ledger = gl) such as Taxes Payable.