29.7.5 Adding a Table Deduction

When the flags field contains t (a Table deduction), and a deduction header is stored during an ADD, the standard payroll deductions screen automatically switches to the table screen. The table screen will still be in ADD mode, ready to accept table line entries:


Once the fields for a line entry have been entered, press the STORE button <F5> to record the entry. After storing the record, a new blank form is displayed below the previous one, and another line entry may be entered. After all the line entries have been input and stored, pressing the NEXT button <F7> redisplays the deduction header screen.

The table entry lines are kept in a file separate from the deduction headers. The "key" for the table file is copied from the deduction header screen. This means that the table deduction header must be displayed before proper access to the table entries can be made.