30.2 Field Descriptions

The following sections describe each of the fields on this screen.


This is a unique code used to identify the employee within the record system. The employee code is usually abbreviated to make data entry of the employee's name quicker and easier.


The full name of the employee is entered here. This unabbreviated name is printed on checks, employee reports and most financial reports.

Address, City, State, Country, Zip, Phone

Enter the employee's entire address as you would want it to appear on checks, reports, etc. The employee's phone number is also entered here for reference purposes. Data entry in all of these fields is optional.


All information for employees must be kept until the end of a year. If an employee is no longer working, setting this field to no prevents the employee from being paid in the future. At the end of the year, all inactive employees can be purged.

Controlling Acct

This field is the general ledger account that controls the wages payable balance. All transactions against an employee also create an entry to this controlling account. The balance in the controlling account is equal to the sum of all the individual employee balances. Note that multiple controlling accounts are possible.

If you are having trouble remembering the general ledger account to enter here, press the VALID button (GOLD <F1> key and the letter V), to display a second screen that can be used to FIND a general ledger account. QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> the desired general ledger account. With the desired general ledger account displayed, press the GOLD <F1> key and then press the E key to redisplay the Employee screen with the general ledger account entered into the Controlling Acct field.