30.8.1 Adding an Employee Record

Adding an employee requires that the screen be in the ADD mode. Press the ADD button <F6>, and the cursor moves to the first field on the screen.


Fill in the fields with the required data. Data must be entered in the Employee, Active?, and Controlling Acct fields. However, it is suggested that all the fields be filled so that an informative record system is maintained.


When the desired fields are filled, press the STORE <F5> button. The following screen is displayed:


Once again, all of the fields should be filled in. The fields where data entry is required are:

Social Security #



Pay Frequency



Expense Ledger

Expense Account

In addition, either the Hourly Rate or the Annual Salary field should be filled. A sample screen appears below:


Pressing the STORE <F5> button records this information and displays the following screen:


This screen is used to enter employee deductions. It should be noted at this point that the Payroll System already knows about the marital status and number of deductions for the employee. Although the information is recorded, it is quite possible to have a married employee using a single federal withholding deduction or vise versa. (Disclaimer: this is not necessarily acceptable to the IRS). When entering deductions, care should be taken that the deductions are consistent with the employee's status. Also, most deductions only require entering the deduction code and a flag of s to indicate usage of a standard deduction. A screen showing entry for this type of deduction follows:


If the standard deduction cannot be used, the fields can be changed by entering new values. Note that if the standard deduction is not used all of the fields have to be filled in. If any single field from the standard is acceptable for the current deduction, the standard value can be entered as the default using the RETURN key. A screen for a nonstandard deduction is shown below:


Press the STORE <F5> button to record the deduction for the employee and clear the screen. At this point, another employee deduction may be entered. When all of the employee deductions have been entered, press the NEXT <F7> button to display the screen for entering employer deductions.


This screen functions in the same manner the employee deduction screen does. Note the added fields for entering expense accounts. Again, all that is needed in most cases is the deduction code and a flag of s.


After all of the employer deductions for the current employee have been entered, press the NEXT <F7> button to display the first screen again, and a new employee record may be entered.

After the initial entry of an employee record, deductions may be added by first querying the employee (see below), switching to the appropriate screen and pressing the ADD <F6> button. There is no limit on the number of deductions an employee may have.