31.3.1 Adding Labor Hours

Before new labor hours may be entered, the screen must be in ADD mode. If the screen is in ADD or UPDATE mode, the current information must be stored or the function cancelled before another record can be entered. Pressing the ADD <F6> button places the system in ADD mode.


Information can now be entered into the fields. The following fields must have data entered in them:



Expense Ledger and Account

Base Pay

Hours Worked

Pay Type

When adding records, you must type in the employee identification code and tab to the next field. Each new entry begins with the date and the employee ID.

Most of the fields after the Employee field can use default values from the Employee Master File. To cause a default value to be entered in a field, leave the field blank and use the RETURN key to exit from the field. There is no default for the Hours Worked field. The default for the Pay Type field is r. When filled, the screen appears as follows:


Pressing the STORE <F5> button records the information and clears the screen. If a large amount of detail is being entered, the Line Feed key is very useful for duplicating information from the previously stored record.