32.6.1 Adding a Payroll Voucher

To add a new voucher, the system must be displaying the voucher header form with no detail lines showing. Pressing the ADD <F6> button places the system in ADD mode.


Data can now be entered into each of the fields on the screen. All of the fields require that data be entered.

When the fields have been filled with data, pressing the STORE <F5> button records the information and switches to the detail portion of the screen. The system is still in ADD mode, and a blank detail line is displayed for entry of the first detail line.


When the data has been entered for a detail line, pressing the STORE <F5> button records the detail line and displays another blank line below the current one. This process repeats for each detail line. After having entered all of the detail lines, the screen might look like the following:


On the above screen, the first line records the payroll expense. The next three lines are employee deductions for federal withholding (fwhs), social security tax (fica), and union dues (und). The remaining lines are employer deductions, i.e., employer portion of social security tax (fica), federal unemployment (futa), and state unemployment (suta). Two important things need to be noted. First, both employer deductions and employee deductions must be entered. Second, employer deductions have two entries: expense and accrual. There is an entry to record the expense, and an entry to record the accrual of the tax.

Pressing the NEXT <F7> button leaves the detail screen, switching the screen back to the header form and allows additional vouchers to be entered. Another way to leave the screen is to press the EXIT <F8> button. Leaving the screen is only possible when the sum of the detail amounts equals the Net Pay amount entered in the upper half of the voucher.