32.6.3 Updating a Voucher

To UPDATE a voucher, the voucher must first have been queried (see above). With the voucher displayed on the screen, pressing the UPDATE <F4> button places the system in UPDATE mode.


When updating the Pay Period, Employee and Net Pay fields, financial data may be altered.

Pay Period

Updating the date from one accounting period to another completely removes the voucher distribution from one period and adds it to the new period. Moving a voucher date back in time might require the rerunning of the closing routines for both the old period of posting and the new period of posting as well as periods in between.


Changing a voucher from one employee to another removes the voucher from one employee and adds it to the new employee. This is allowed only if the voucher has not been paid.


Updating the Bank field after the voucher has been paid has no effect.

Pay Date

Changing the pay date could alter the cash disbursements of vouchers. Changing the pay date after the voucher has been paid effects various history reports.

Net Pay

The net pay of a voucher can be changed also. Changing the amount of a voucher affects the general ledger accounts. Changing the voucher total here also requires the same dollar amount change to the detail lines. Although it is possible to change the voucher total in the Accounts Payable System, changing the net pay in the Payroll System is a sticky problem. Changing a payroll voucher after it is paid very often distorts the 941 Quarterly Tax Report. A general rule to follow is: Once a payroll voucher has been paid, leave it alone.