32.6.4 Updating Detail Lines

It is also possible to UPDATE the detail lines of a voucher. Any updates to the detail lines affects the posting period of the voucher date.

Before a detail line can be updated, it must be displayed on the current detail line form. The usual means of doing this is to query and find the record.


Journal, Account

Changing the journal code affects the posting of the voucher. For example, changing the journal code from gl (General Ledger) to jc (Job Cost Journal) completely changes the general ledger account balances. Changing the journal code also requires the changing of the Account field to comply with the journal code. For example, changing the journal code from gl to jc requires the entry of an activity code in the distribution instead of a general ledger account number.


Changing the Deduction field only alters history information for a future payroll calculation run. This field is only present to separate deductions.

Employee Deduction?

Again, this field is only for history information.


Changing this field alters the sign of the amount. The total of the detail lines must be a debit balance of the voucher's net pay, i.e.,

Total debits - Total credits = Net Pay.


If the journal of a distribution is jc, changing the Hours field changes the actual Units field of the activity record.


The sum of the detail lines must equal the net pay entered in the body of the voucher. If you are updating the net pay in the body of the voucher, you are required to update the sum of the detail lines to equal the new net pay amount.