32.6.5 Deleting Vouchers

Vouchers can be deleted from the Payroll System individually, but extreme caution should be taken in such a procedure. The payroll vouchers form the history information used to compute "to-date" balances, i.e., year-to-date gross pay. It is therefore mandatory that vouchers be left in the system for one year. At the start of each new calendar year, the previous year's vouchers can be deleted using the delete voucher process which is discussed in a later section.

The main reason for deleting a voucher is to enable the rerunning of the payroll for a given period. This can be done by deleting the vouchers of the period and then running the payroll calculation process again. To delete an individual voucher from the voucher screen, first display the voucher.


While the voucher is shown on the screen, press the DELETE button (GOLD <F1> key followed by the D key). The upper half of the voucher is deleted from the record system and the detail lines of the voucher screen are displayed.


QUERY up the individual detail lines, and while each individual detail line is shown, press the DELETE button (GOLD <F1> key followed by the D key). Upon doing so, the detail line is deleted from the record system. This step must be done for each detail line. Leaving the screen is impossible until the detail lines equal zero.