33.2 Calculating Payroll

Upon starting the process the following parameter screen is displayed:


The calculate payroll needs to know several parameters for the pay period to be calculated. Each of the fields must be filled appropriately; there are no default values. The first field requires a starting voucher identification code:

First voucher number to use?

The question must be answered with the starting voucher identification code to use. This code must contain enough trailing digits to accommodate the number of vouchers that will be created. For example, if you will be generating 99 vouchers, a starting voucher code of xyz00 would be sufficient, but a starting voucher code of xyz03 would not. As each voucher is generated, the voucher number is incremented and used as the next voucher code. A valid response might look like:

First voucher number to use? pv8307-0001

The second and third parameters set up the range of dates that are used to restrict the accumulation of labor hours. The second parameter is the first date to be included in the accumulation. The third parameter is the last date that to be included.

Beginning date of payroll period? 07/01/83

Ending date of payroll period? 07/15/83

Any labor hours that fall between these two dates are included in the accumulations for an employee.

The fourth parameter determines which employees are to be processed:

Pay frequency? sm

Only those employees whose pay frequency matches the frequency given here are processed. You can pay a subset of employees by using a frequency of s (see next section for an example). In this example, the payroll is being run for employees who are paid semi-monthly, so sm is entered.

The final parameter is the date which is to be put on the vouchers generated:

Pay date 07/20/83

This should be the date that will appear on the checks written to pay the vouchers. After all of the parameters have been entered, the following message is displayed:

Calculating payroll, please wait...

This message means the process is computing payroll vouchers.

Pushing the OK button redisplays the main menu.