35.2 Applying Labor

Applying labor is started by selecting the process Apply labor to Job Cost from the Data Entry, Payroll menu. The following parameter screen is displayed for user input:


All the fields on this parameter screen require entry. The first two fields, Earliest working date and Latest working date, establish a range of dates to be used in selecting labor distribution records. The first date sets the earliest date to be included in the selection. Anything before this date is ignored. The second date sets the latest date that to be included in the selection. Anything after this date is ignored.

The last field, Applied Labor Account, asks for the general ledger account to be used to record the amount of applied labor. Currently only one applied labor account can be used for each run of this process.

An example of some valid entries to these fields might look like this:

Earliest working date 07/01/83

Latest working date 07/15/83

Applied Labor Account 601a

After the STORE <F5> button is pressed, the process reads through the Labor File selecting those records that fall within the date range specified. The selected records are then sorted by activity and summarized by activity. If a previous entry exists in the General Journal for the current set of parameters, it is unposted and removed. Finally, the new journal entry is posted and recorded in the General Journal.