39.1 Introduction

The payroll payments process assumes that payroll vouchers have been entered or created and that it is now time to pay the employees, i.e., print payroll checks. Printing checks involves multiple steps. The sequence in which the following tasks are done is very important. The following steps are required to print checks and must be completed in the order listed.

Step 1 - Make Payroll Pay List

The Make payroll pay list process, run from the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu, builds a pre-check list which can be edited. Once this process is completed, it is suggested that a hard copy of the list be printed. This report is listed on the Reports, Payroll Payments menu as Current payroll list.

Step 2 - Edit Pay List

The second step is to edit the pre-check list using the menu selection Edit pay list from the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu, to come up with the final list from which checks are to be printed.

Step 3 - Current Payroll List

If changes were necessary in the previous step, it is strongly recommended that a new final hard copy of the pay list be printed by running Current payroll list from the Reports , Payroll Payments menu.

Step 4 - Print Checks

The final step, once you have a disbursement list, is to print the checks or remittance advices by selecting Print payroll checks from the Reports, Payroll Payments menu.