39.2 Make Payroll Pay List

The payroll payments process starts with selection of the payroll vouchers to be paid. At this point in time, a payroll register of the vouchers to be paid should be printed. Using the register, make any changes to the list by accessing the voucher screen from the Data Entry, Payroll menu. The pay date defines vouchers to be paid. Recall that each voucher has assigned to it a pay date. This date can be changed, if necessary, by accessing the voucher screen. If a specific voucher is not to be included for payment, changing the pay date using the voucher screen is a quick way to accomplish this.

The process to build the payroll pay list begins by selecting Make payroll pay list from the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu. The following parameter screen is displayed:


Enter a pay date and then press the STORE <F5> button to start the process. Any voucher on file with a pay date later than the date entered here is ignored. All other vouchers that are not fully paid are selected for payment. For example if the pay date is given as 06/30/83, then all vouchers not fully paid with a pay date of June 30, l983, or earlier are pulled into the payroll pay list.

Next, a hard copy of the pay list should be printed to verify that the pay list is correct. This is done by selecting the menu option Current Payroll List from the Reports, Payroll Payments menu. A detailed description of running reports is given in Chapter 45, Payroll Payments Reports.