39.3 Edit Pay List

After the list of payroll vouchers has been made, the list can be changed if needed. Any voucher in the pay list can be removed. Vouchers which are not to be paid are removed from the pay list by deleting the voucher line. Deleting a voucher from the payroll pay list only removes the voucher from payment proceedings not from the Voucher File.

Editing the pay list is started by selecting the menu option Edit pay list from the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu. The screen appears as follows:


This screen has two parts. The first part, displayed when the screen is first brought up, allows access to the header portion of the pay list. Each record stored in the file accessed via this screen represents one check to be written. The second part of the screen allows access to the detail portion of the pay list. Each entry of this screen shows the voucher id and amount being paid by the check shown in the header.