39.3.2 Pay List Detail Fields


The next set of fields are on the detail part of the screen. This part is accessed either by pressing the NEXT <F7> button or it appears when the top portion of the screen is stored.


Each detail line or voucher line begins with the name of the journal from which the detail line was entered. Payroll vouchers come from the Payroll Journal and are displayed as pr which is the abbreviated code for Payroll Journal.


The Account field indicates which record from the previously named journal is being referenced. In the case of a payroll check, this is usually a voucher id from the Payroll Journal. Each voucher was assigned a unique code of identification when it was entered or created.


The full amount of each voucher is displayed here. Partial payments can be made by changing this amount. But remember, the detail total must equal the total in the upper part of this split screen. The screen remains in the detail portion until the sum of the detail entries equals the total amount of the header. When the sum is correct, pressing the NEXT <F7> button allows the next payment entry to be edited.