39.3.3 Removing Voucher Payment

Before vouchers are deleted from the pre-check list, the list should be printed in its current form. This assists in defining the changes to be made. The list looks similar to this:

Company Name Payroll Pay List Date Time Page 1

Bank Employee Employee Name

Voucher Hours Gross Pay Net Pay

101 mcdonj Jim McDonald

pv8307-0002 86 1,000.00 803.29

pv8307-0003 86 1,000.00 803.29

--------- --------------- ---------------

172 2,000.00 1,606.58

101 willm Mike Williams

pv8307-0001 86 1,060.00 864.40

--------- --------------- ---------------

86 1,060.00 864.40

===== ======== ========

Total for bank 101 258 3,060.00 2,470.98

===== ======== ========

Total for all banks 258 3,060.00 2,470.98

To delete or remove any vouchers from payment proceedings, you begin by querying the employee's record on the Edit pay list screen. For this example, remove voucher pv8307-0003 from the payment proceedings. This change reduces the disbursement amount to Jim McDonald from $1,606.58 to $803.29.

QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> the pre-check record for mcdonj. The screen now appears as shown below:


Press the UPDATE <F4> button to get into the update mode. Enter the new amount 803.29 into the Pay Total field. Press the STORE <F5> button to record the change and the detail form is displayed:


Currently the total of the detail lines exceeds the payment total in the upper part of the screen by $803.29. If you pressed the NEXT <F7> button or the EXIT <F8> button an error message would appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen informing you of this. Before you can delete a voucher it must be displayed on the screen. QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> voucher pv8307-0003.


Press the DELETE button (GOLD <F1> key and then the D key) to remove the voucher from this payment proceeding. To indicate that the voucher has been removed, the fields of the last line are blanked.


This process does not delete the voucher from the file system, it only removes the voucher from this payment proceeding. An unpaid voucher continues to be selected for payment until it is fully paid.

Having removed the voucher, the sum of the detail lines should now equal the total payment. At this point, pressing the NEXT <F7> button redisplays the top portion of the screen. The remainder of the pay list can now be edited.

When the editing changes are finished, a new hard copy of the pay list should be printed. This final draft shows:

1. The number of checks to be written from each checking account.

2. The amount of each check.

3. The total amount to be paid from each checking account and from all accounts together.