40.3 Check Header Fields

The following sections describe each of the fields on the header portion of the screen.


The system supports multiple bank accounts with the use of a general ledger account number to represent each bank account. The system verifies that the value entered into this field is a valid account number; however, it cannot determine if the account is a cash (bank) account.

Check Number

Each check is assigned a number for easy audit trails. All the checks in the system are stored in a single Check File, which means all check numbers must be unique.


The date of the check serves two purposes. First, the date determines in which accounting period the check transaction is recorded. Secondly, the date is used by any cash basis report to determine what vouchers were paid in a given time period.


The Employee field records to whom the check was paid. The employee code entered here must be a valid code in the Employee Master File.

If you cannot remember the employee to enter here, press the VALID button (GOLD <F1> key and the letter V) to display a second screen that can be used to access the Employee Master file. QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> the desired employee. With the desired employee displayed, press the GOLD <F1> key, and then press the E key to redisplay the Check screen with the employee entered into the Employee field.

Check Amount

The full amount of the check is entered in this field.


The Payroll System has the capability to reconcile bank accounts with the computer accounts. As checks are printed automatically or manually written, they are stored in the Check File. When a bank statement is received, the Mark cancelled checks process can be used to flag each cancelled check. This field displays the bank statement date on which the cancelled check was received.


For audit and reconciliation purposes, all voided checks are marked by accessing the Void payroll check process. If a check has been voided, this field displays the date on which the check was voided.

Voided Amount

The amount of a voided check, if applicable, is displayed here. Checks that have not been voided or were voided but not actually used (wasted checks) have a zero amount.