41.3 Check Header Fields

The following sections describe the fields on the check header portion of the screen. As stated in the introduction, this screen is used mainly for viewing checks written by the computer. For this reason, most of the fields do not accept entry of data.


The general ledger account number for the bank account is displayed in this field. This is the cash account that was credited for the amount of the check.

Check Number

The check number of the check is stored here for reference and audit purposes.


The date the check was written is displayed in this field.


This field shows the identification code of the employee who was the payee of the check.

Check Amount

The total dollar amount of the check is shown in this field.


As checks are marked as cancelled, the date on which they were cancelled is recorded here. This is the date of the bank statement on which the cancelled check appears. If the check has not been cancelled, this field is blank.

This is the only field that can be changed. If a check has been mistakenly marked as cancelled, this field may be updated to uncancel the check.


If a check is voided, the date of void is stored in this field. No update to this field is allowed.

Voided Amount

The amount of the voided check is stored here. If a check is never issued, the check amount is zero.

When this information is stored or, the NEXT <F7> button is pressed, the lower portion of the screen is displayed. The screen appears as shown below: