42.2 Cancelling Checks

Access the process for marking cancelled checks through Mark Cancelled Checks on the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu. The following parameter screen is displayed:


Enter the general ledger account number for the proper bank account, the date on the bank statement, and a range of check numbers to be cancelled. You are not required to enter each individual check as cancelled; that would be very time consuming. Instead, you can enter a range of checks and mark all of the checks within that range as cancelled. The check numbers entered should be the internal computer check numbers, not the number preprinted on the check.

In the screen below, information has been entered to cancel checks 105-0520 to 105-0530.


Use the TAB key, RETURN key, and arrow keys to move the cursor between fields. If you change your mind and decide not to cancel checks at this time, you may return to the Payroll Payments menu by pressing the CANCEL button <F1><x> and then the RETURN key.

When you are satified with what you have entered, press the STORE button <F5> to run the cancel check process. As each check is cancelled, a message is displayed on the screen.


In the example above there are more checks cancelled then can fit on the screen at one time. If you wish to see the messages for the rest of the cacelled checks, press the SPACE BAR and more messages are displayed. If you do not want to see any more messages press Q, to clear the messages from the screen. The screen below shows the rest of the cancelled check messages for our example.


Once all the messages have been displayed, pressing the SPACE BAR clears the messages from the screen. The check fields are also cleared in preparation for entering a new range of checks to cancel. Although the bank and statement fields retain their original values, you may cancel checks from another bank or statement by moving the cursor to these fields and entering new values.


When you are finished cancelling checks, return to the Payroll Payments menu by pressing the CANCEL button <F1><x> and then the RETURN key.

If you accidentally cancel too many checks, say by giving a last check number that is too big, you can undo this by the following procedure:

1. Select Payroll Checks by employee on the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu.

2. Find the first check that was erroneously cancelled.

3. Update the check by pressing the UPDATE <F4> button.

4. Clear the Cancelled field by typing spaces in the field.

5. Store the corrected check by pressing the STORE <F5> button. Display the top part of the check screen by pressing the NEXT <F7> button.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each of the other check to be corrected.

7. Return to the menu by pressing the EXIT <F8> button.