43.2 Voiding Payroll Checks

To illustrate voiding a payroll check, we continue the example from the manual checks section. In that section, check number 1013 was created on 07/12/83, from bank 101, and paid to employee mcdonj. Start the void check process by selecting Void payroll check from the Data Entry, Payroll Payments menu.

The void check process displays the following parameter screen to select the check to be voided:


After a check number has been entered in the Check No field, the system displays the bank account, payee, amount, and date of the check so that you may verify that this is the correct check. The following illustrates voiding check 1013 on July 13, 1983.

Check No. 1013

Bank Payee Amount Date

101 mcdonj 803.60 07/12/83

Voided Date 07/13/83

When you are satisfied with what you have entered, press the STORE <F5> button, and the system proceeds to void the check. When it is finished, the fields are cleared and you may enter another check to be voided. The process is terminated by pressing the CANCEL button, <F1> and X.