44.2 Reconciling a Bank Statement

The Accounts Payable System and Payroll System keep track of all checks and ensure that the checks are kept in their numerical sequence. As the above processes are completed, they become part of the Bank Statement Reconciliation Report. To print the actual report, select Bank statement reconciliation from the Reports, Payroll Payments menu. This report prints the information necessary to reconcile the computer bank account. Selecting this choice and pressing RETURN displays the the following parameter screen:


Type in the Bank Account field the general ledger account number for the cash account associated with the bank statement. For example, if the bank account is account number 101, you would enter 101. The date entered in the Bank Statement Date field should match the cancelled date of the checks on the bank statement.

Options are provided for sending output to the printer and for printing multiple copies. For more information on running reports, consult Chapter 45, Payroll Payments Reports. After the STORE <F5> button is pressed, the system proceeds with the standard process of running a report.

It is important to remember to enter bank service charges as a manual check. Without these manual check, it is impossible to reconcile the computer bank accounts.