46.2 Payroll Frequencies

Pay frequencies are used in two ways. First, they are used to select employees to be paid, and secondly, they are used to do conversions with deductions. What the pay frequency does is give a conversion between a two letter code and an annual frequency.

Select Frequencies from the Select, Payroll menu. The screen appears as follows:


The actual choice of frequencies is up to the user but consistency is mandatory. The suggested entries are:

Freq Description Actual Freq # per year

a Annual Once a year 1

q Quarterly 4 times a year 4

m Monthly Once a month 12

sm Semi-monthly Twice a month 24

w Weekly Once a week 52

bw Bi-weekly Every 2 weeks 26

Again, this list is arbitrary and can be added to or subtracted from as needed. Enter one record for each frequency code.