dbpath - return full path of logical name


char *dbpath (lname) char *lname;


Dbpath returns the full path name of the RMSfile associated with a logical name. A pointer to a null terminated string is returned. Lname is the logical name. It can have any of the following formats: dbase~lfile ~lfile lfile The first form names an explicit database, the latter two use the default database. A default database is defined by either calling dbopen(C-3), or setting the environment variable DBASE to a valid database name. The resulting pathname is formed by prepending the system name of the logical RMSfile with the home directory of the database. If the system name of the logical RMSfile begins with a slash ( \ ), the database home directory is not prepended. Instead, the system name of the logical RMSfile is returned as is.


dbparse(C-3), abspath(C-3) DIAGNOSTICS Dbpath returns NULL if RMS encounters an error looking up lname in the catalog.


If the argument passed to dbpath is not a valid logical name, the original argument, lname is returned. Otherwise, the result returned points to static data whose contents are overwritten with every call.