dcopy - copy RMSfile


dcopy inputfile outputfile


Dcopy copies all records in the input RMSfile into an existing output
RMSfile. Both inputfile and outputfile are RMSfiles. Dcopy only copies
those fields that are common to both RMSfiles, i.e., fields that have
identical names. All the fields in each output record that are not
represented in the input record are set to zero. Dcopy converts data
types and truncates or zero-fills character strings as necessary during
the copy process. Data type conversion is performed by converting the
old data type to a string and then converting the string to the new data
type. Dcopy will attempt nonsense conversions, such as converting a MONEY
value into a DATE, and the (probably incorrect) result will be stored in
the output record.

The output RMSfile is not cleared before dcopy starts, so it may be
used to merge two possibly dissimilar RMSfiles.

Dcopy copies each record one field at a time, so that the fields in the
input file and in the output file need not be in any particular order.
If a data field is an array, dcopy copies the array one element at a
time observing the above rules. If there are a different number of array
elements in the input and output RMSfiles, dcopy copies all the array
elements that it can, and zeroes the rest.