dlfindn - get nth logical RMSfile description



LF *dlfindn (dbname, n)
char *dbname;
int n;


Dlfindn searches the C/Base database catalog for the nth logical
RMSfile defined in the given database. If found, a pointer to a
structure describing the logical RMSfile is returned. If the
given database contains fewer than n entries, a NULL pointer is
returned and the RMS error message is set describing the reason
for not finding the logical RMSfile entry.

Dbname is the name of the database. If dbname is a NULL pointer
or an empty string, the default database name is used.

The order of logical RMSfiles within a database is undefined and
can change at any time. This function is designed for scanning
all logical RMSfiles defined for one database; not looking for
one particular entry.

The structure returned by dlfindn is defined in the include file


dlfind(C-3), dlopen(C-3)


A value of NULL is returned if there are fewer than n logical
RMSfiles defined for the given database.


The returned value points to static data whose contents are
overwritten with every call.