form - display input form on terminal, accept input


form [-qfuadkv] formfile


Form is a general purpose input program for adding, querying, updating, and
deleting records in RMSfiles. The RMSfiles accessed are those created by
using the C/Base RMS utilities.

The first argument to form specifies which input modes are allowed. The
letters stand for "q"uery, "f"ind, "u"pdate, "a"dd, and "d"elete. If
a letter is missing, the corresponding input mode is not allowed. The
letter "k" stands for kill, and if this letter is present, the terminal
user can immediately exit from form by pushing the INTERRUPT or QUIT key.
If the letter "k" is not present, then these two keys are ignored. If
this first parameter is missing altogether, only QUERY and FIND modes
are allowed.

If the "v" flag is present, then the listed modes are also allowed in
validation forms. If the "v" flag is missing, only QUERY and FIND are
allowed in validation forms.

The formfile is a file created by formdef(C-1) or cform(C-1) that
describes the format and operation of the terminal input forms.


cform(1), formdef(C-1).
Chapter 5, Creating Formfiles.
Chapter 3, Using Form.
Chapter 6, Advanced Form Features.
C/Base Utilities Manual Chapter 3, Form Programming Guide.