snextform - set next form for data entry


snextform (formname)
char *formname;


Snextform specifies the next data entry form to be used for data
entry. Normally, you specify the next form when you create the
data entry form. Snextform changes the next form to the first
form in the formfile with a form name equal to the formname
parameter. Snextform does not change to the new form at the time
of call, but instead saves which form is to be used next. When
the operator leaves the current data entry form, the specified
form is used as the next data entry form. If formname is NULL or
an empty string, then snextform sets the next form back to the
original next form. This can be used to undo the effect of a
previous snextform call.

The user edit routine may inspect a record when the STORE key is
pushed. If there are fields that contain special values,
snextform may be used to select a different data entry form to be
used as the next form.


Chapter 3, Form Programming Guide


Snextform returns a value of zero if the form name cannot be


Snextform is only available in user edit routines.

Some user edit routine calls (notably U_BEGINFORM) happen too
late for snextform to be effective.