Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Accounting System

Order Entry Module

Chapter 2
Order Entry Introduction

Chapter 3
Order Entry Menu

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Order Cancellations

Chapter 6
Packing Slips

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Sales Representatives

Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Setting Up Order Entry

Chapter 13 Maintaining Order Entry

Chapter 14
Modifying Order Entry

Chapter 15
Error Messages

Inventory Control Module

Chapter 16
Inventory Control Introduction

Chapter 17
Inventory Menu

Chapter 18
Enter Inventory Products

Chapter 19
Inventory Adjustments

Chapter 20
Product Inventory Balances

Chapter 21
Reprice Inventory Using Margins

Chapter 22
Delete Old Inventory Adjustments

Chapter 23
Removing Old Inventory Balances Records

Chapter 24

Chapter 25
Set Up

Chapter 26
Error Messages

Purchase Order Module

Chapter 27
Purchase Order Introduction

Chapter 28
Working with the C/Books Accounting System

Chapter 29 Restocking Inventory

Chapter 30
Special Inventory Purchases

Chapter 31
Non-Inventory Purchases

Chapter 32
Printing Purchase Orders

Chapter 33
Receiving Shipments

Chapter 34
Recording Vendor Invoices

Chapter 35 Accounting For Freight

Chapter 36
Tracking Order Progress

Chapter 37
Error Messages

Chapter 38
Purchase Order Setup

Chapter 39 Maintaining the Purchase Order System

Chapter 40
Modifying the Purchase Order System

Chapter 41
Purchase Order Menu

Chapter 42
Purchase Order Screens

Chapter 43
Purchase Order Master Screens

Chapter 44
Purchase Order Processes

Chapter 45
Purchase Order Reports

Chapter 46
Receiving Menu

Chapter 47
Receiving Screens

Chapter 48
Receiving Processes

Chapter 49
Receiving Reports